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Custom tours from 6 to 18 people can be arranged almost anytime
Best months are June and November
This webpage has information from our 2014 tour for reference

Imagine Tours Volunteer Malaika Part 2
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October 28-31
November 1-12
November 13-16
To be arranged separately

Safari means "journey" in Swahili, and our next safari to Tanzania will be more than memorable - it'll be a trip of a lifetime. You can even customize your African adventure; we're offering several incredible segments from which to choose. I'm partnering with Voluntour Adventures to Africa, a company that's doing special, wonderful work with orphanages and villages in Africa. I love their concept of pairing volunteering with visits to local tourist spots. Next comes the cycling tour, an incredible opportunity to ride to Tarangire and Laka Manyara National Parks with our own wildlife guide and cycling crew. The last four days of this segment will be spent on game drives in the magnificent Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on your bucket list? You can even work that in; this legendary mountain will be the magnificent backdrop to our travels in Tanzania. Finally, to cap off your incredible journey to Africa, spend a few days relaxing on the beach and exploring the exotic island of Zanzibar.

I hope that you can join me on this amazing experience.

Safari njema ... safe journey!

Imagine Tours

Click here for complete itinerary and more details on Tanzania tour

November 1-12

Last year on our inaugural tour we were amazed at the quality of cycling in this part of Africa. The roads were gently rolling for the most part, with a few more challenging hills here and there. One ascent was memorable, but you can opt out of this climb or at any time you like. The distances vary between 25 and 40 miles (not kilometers).

We'll ride first to Tarangire National Park and then through the Great Rift Valley to Lake Manyara National Park. Leaving the valley you'll climb to the highlands and Karatu town. The roads here are well paved with very generous shoulders. There will be little traffic, which is good because we need to get used to cycling on the left side of the road! You'll see cattle grazing in the wide open countryside and boys tending the cows. Luckily, on the cycling part of the tour the only animals you'll see are domestic. But you'll observe plenty of wild animals during the game drives in the national parks.

Our guides are local Tanzanians - drivers and two cycling guides. One will lead out and the mechanic ("fundi" in Swahili) will sweep. They take excellent care of us. The bikes are provided, and they'll be mountain bikes so we can ride a few dirt roads or singletrack through the grasslands.

After the cycling trip, our bicycles will be transported back to Arusha and we'll go on safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks. You'll see amazing sights and take incredible photos. Last year we saw four of the "Big Five" - lion, leopard, elephant and cape buffalo. We only missed the black rhino, which is rare now. We saw all of the "Ugly Five" - warthog, hyena, crocodile, wildebeast and vulture.

Our overnight stops are comfortable safari-style lodges (some are luxurious), and you'll love the delicious cuisine - usually African but sometimes from other cultures.

$TBA includes full-board lodging (all meals but one), rental mountain bike, vehicle tranportation/sag, guides, mechanic, national park entrance fees, airport transfers and medical evacuation insurance.

Complete Itinerary & more details

Imagine Tours Malaika

Offered by Imagine Tours in partnership with Voluntour Adventures to Africa
October 28-31

Volunteer at the Malaika Children's Home in Arusha, Tanzania, and help make a real difference in the lives of the children. Malaika means "angel" in kiSwahili, and it's not only the children who are angels (and they are), but the compassionate staff, as well. My time there touched me deeply, and few days go by without my thinking of Malaika.

Our group can help with various projects at Malaika. We'll help clean, repair, paint, build ... you name it. Sometimes we'll read to the children, help with their homework, or play games. The kids enjoy a caring, family-like structure, but they all love and benefit from some extra attention.

We'll stay at a comfortable lodge just a short distance away. Breakfasts will be in the dining room each day and we'll eat some dinners there. A couple of days we'll have lunch with the children, and the mamas cook very tasty meals! You can also sightsee in the town of Arusha and visit the markets and Cultural Center. Transportation for scheduled projects and activities will be furnished.

Check out our photo gallery on the home page, and here are some photos taken during our 2012 trip to Malaika: Shutterfly photos of Malaika & kids' safari

$TBA includes hotel and 3 meals/day, work visa, airport transfers, some Arusha sightseeing. A portion of this cost is tax-deductible.

Imagine Tours Zanzibar

ZANZIBAR - the Island Finale
November 13-16

Zanzibar, the exotic Spice Island, lies just off the coast of Tanzania. Its white sandy beaches and brilliant blue ocean make the island a perfect place to top off your African journey. The blend of African, Indian and Arab cultures is reflected in the island's fascinating architecture and culture. Explore historic Stone Town, a UNESCO city full of mysterious passageways, stone walls and the famous carved teak Zanzibar doors. Investigate Zanzibar's dark history of ivory, spice and slave trading.

We stay on both sides of the island, for views of the sunrise and sunset!

Zanzibar is a small island, but there's so much to discover. Arrange a half-day excursion to Prison Island to visit the Giant Tortoise preserve and snorkel among coral reefs. Go on a spice plantation tour. Above all, enjoy relaxing on the beach or a stroll on the white sandy shore.

$TBA includes round-trip airfare from Arusha to Zanzibar, 3 hotels with breakfasts. This is an unstructured trip that you can easily plan yourself and pay as you go.

Complete Itinerary & more details

To be arranged separately

We can put you in touch with a local guide company and help coordinate your tour with a Kilimanjaor climb. FYI, below is the information from a past group.
  • Experience the magic of climbing Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa
  • Climb the "Whiskey" route (98% summit rate)
  • Travel with professional guides and porters
  • Watch the sun rise from the top of Kilimanjaro!
We also have gift certificates!
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